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Hurricane Windows & Hurricane Window Protection in Pensacola, FL & Surrounding Areas

Hurricane Windows

Hurricane Windows are High Impact Windows

They are the same thing. Our hurricane windows provided by Four Seasons have reinforced sashes and frames with maximum strength and laminated Low-E glass to create a hurricane window that is energy efficient and can withstand the heaviest of storms. Along with that, there are additional noise reduction benefits reducing the noise outdoors. They are made to resist the impact of flying objects, debris from dreadful hurricane-force winds, rain, and even forced-entry attempts from unwanted guests.

Don't Get Caught With Your Windows Down

Look, it's not like Hurricanes in the panhandle are going away; as a matter of fact, data shows that the chances of a high-level hurricane hitting the panhandle again are in our near future. Why not protect your home and investment with Hurricane Window protection that is made to withstand the devastating effects of these frequent storms?

Our home remodeling company experts have been installing hurricane windows and window protection and have the experience to help protect your investment from storms to come. Just like our replacement windows, hurricane windows come in all shapes and sizes; we have a variety of interior and exterior colors as well as different types of metals for the handles and cam locks.

We currently recommend Four Seasons Windows. Being a manufacturer of new windows and glass doors for 40 years, our home remodeling experts have found their hurricane windows to be the best in the business, and with so many design options, safety, and energy-saving features, it's a no-brainer for our team to recommend them for your home in Pensacola. Call today for hurricane shutters and windows!

Looking for Hurricane Windows? Features & Benefits

Florida's panhandle's extreme weather is asking more from our windows and doors than anywhere else in the country, especially for hurricane windows and doors. As a result, Florida's window testing and the standards for hurricane-rated windows and doors are the most strict in the US.

Also known as hurricane-rated or impact-resistant windows, these Four Seasons products are built to resist the impact of flying junk due to strong hurricane winds. Also, having Hurricane windows installed eliminates the need to put up plywood during the stress of pre-hurricane preparations. Why is flying or wind debris so bad?

Most of the damage to a home during a hurricane results from broken openings on the home due to winds and flying junk such as branches or roof tiles. When the security of your home is compromised, the storm moves inside, and that's when the real damage occurs. This can cause unwanted water damage but also can create pressurized conditions that can lift sections or all of your roof.

Hurricane Windows / Impact Windows Features Panhandle Florida

Let's face it: Hurricanes are always a concern, especially for us living along the Gulf. Impact-resistant windows are a choice for such places because they are less likely to break even under extreme weather, such as our last hurricane season. Hurricane windows, also known as impact windows, may be necessary for a home where the owner lives with small children or pets.

Hurricane Windows Help With Noise Reduction

Falling asleep can be challenging in a noisy environment. Highway traffic, barking dogs, and late parties can all cause noise pollution. Not only will they keep you up at night, but they also cause disturbance during the day. Fortunately, Hurricane windows will dampen the noise from the outside. High-impact windows are fitted with a polyvinyl membrane that absorbs noise. With impact glass windows, homeowners can live without worrying about noise distractions.

Increase Your Home's Value With Hurricane High Impact Windows

Being homeowners, we care about the security and structural features of our homes. Things like windows, foundations, and roofs significantly change a property's resale value. So, in retrospect, hurricane windows/impact glass windows installation can make your home more valuable. New windows can also get potential buyers into buying your property.

Hurriance Windows Can Lower Your Energy Bill

The tradeoff for Florida's mild fall and winter temperatures is a hot, steamy summer. Living along the Gulf we often get a nice breeze during the winter, but it can feel like walking on the sun during the summer. A strong AC can help, but the cooling cost can get expensive. Installing Hurricane windows can help resolve this. These windows have multi-layers that can help reduce the heat getting into the home. Impact windows can help seal the heat inside your home, keeping you and your family cool.

Hurricane Protection

Although Hurricane windows are the best defense from storms in the panhandle, maybe you just installed new windows but you still need window protection. Our home remodeling company can still help. We have an assortment of window protection products to keep your home safe and you worry free. We Install:

  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Accordion Shutters
  • Bahama Shutters
  • Manual or Electric Roll Down Shutters
  • Fabric Storm panels
  • Storm Doors

Hurricane Window Tips

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