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Quality Remodeling Company in Pensacola & Surrounding Areas

As a premier remodeling company in Pensacola, Horizon Improvements, Inc and our team of professional designers is here to provide you with expert guidance and bring your home remodeling vision to life. Feel free to reach out and start transforming your space with us today. Feel free to tap into the expertise of our professional designers with our complimentary custom design service. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discuss your upcoming home remodeling project with us today.

Why Horizon Improvements, Inc is Right for You

Locally Owned

Originating in Pensacola, we have branched out our service areas in Florida and & parts of Alabama-places like Destin, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Jay, and more.

Professional & Reliable

Horizon Improvements, Inc's home remodeling company team are design and construction professionals, so you can rest assured that your project will go smoothly.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our work and our team. If any problems arise, our staff is readily available to ensure you are satisfied beyond all measures.

Years of Experience

We have been helping our neighbors on the Emerald Coast with their home improvement projects and hope to bring these services to you.

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Bring the Outdoors Inside With Our Sunroom Services

Experience the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home with our professional sunroom services. Our expert team specializes in seamlessly blending the outdoors with your indoors, creating a serene and inviting space where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the charm of your surroundings.

Whether it's for relaxation, entertaining guests, or simply appreciating the changing seasons, our sunroom solutions at Horizon Improvements, Inc will help you make the most of your living space while staying connected to the natural world. Call today to work with the top remodeling company in Pensacola.

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Choose the Right Patio Cover Builders in Pensacola

When it comes to patio cover building in Pensacola, choosing Horizon Improvements, Inc is a decision that ensures top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional results. With years of experience in the industry, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to transforming your outdoor space into a functional and stylish oasis.

We understand the unique climate and architectural demands of Pensacola, allowing us to design and construct patio covers that not only provide shade and protection but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. From concept to completion, our remodeling company takes pride in delivering superior service and innovative solutions, making us the ideal choice for all your patio cover needs in Pensacola.

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You Dream It, We Build It!

At Horizon Improvements, Inc, we specialize in turning your wildest dreams into reality. Our dedicated team has the expertise and creativity to bring your most ambitious construction and remodeling ideas to life, ensuring that your vision becomes a stunning, tangible reality.

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Areas We Service

Horizon Improvements, Inc proudly serves a wide range of areas, including Pensacola and its surrounding communities. Our commitment to delivering exceptional remodeling and construction services extends to homeowners across this region, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our expertise and craftsmanship.

Our Remodels Are a Must-see Check It Out!

 Strong Aluminum Screen Rooms in Pensacola, FL

Strong Aluminum Screen Rooms in Pensacola, FL

Horizon Improvements, Inc., Pensacola's premier screen room builder and installer, recently completed a high-quality aluminum screen room installation in Pensacola, Florida. Renowned for their expertise and commitment to excellence, Horizon Improvements, Inc. meticulously designed and installed the aluminum screen room, ensuring it perfectly matched the client's […]

Affordable Aluminum Patio Covers - Cantonment, FL

Affordable Aluminum Patio Covers - Cantonment, FL

Horizon Improvements, Inc., Cantonment's leading patio cover builder and installer, recently completed a premium aluminum patio cover installation in Cantonment, Florida. As the go-to company for patio cover solutions, Horizon Improvements, Inc. ensures every project is handled with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Their team […]

Affordable Screen Room & Decks in Pensacola, FL

Affordable Screen Room & Decks in Pensacola, FL

Horizon Improvements, Inc stands as Pensacola's premier destination for top-tier screen rooms and deck installations. Nestled in the heart of Florida's scenic Pensacola, our dedicated team recently completed a stellar project that epitomizes our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Picture this: a brand-new screen room […]


Yes, we are here to assist you with the design of your bathroom remodeling project. Our team of experienced designers at Horizon Improvements, Inc is well-equipped to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life. We understand that a bathroom renovation is a significant undertaking, and we are committed to creating a design that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether you're looking for a modern, sleek look or a more traditional style, we will work closely with you to choose the right fixtures, materials, and layout to optimize functionality and aesthetics. Your dream bathroom is within reach with our expert design assistance.

Investing in hurricane shutters for your windows is a crucial step in safeguarding your home and loved ones during severe weather events. These shutters provide a robust protective barrier that can help prevent debris and strong winds from shattering your windows, reducing the risk of structural damage and water intrusion. Beyond safety, hurricane shutters also offer long-term cost savings by preserving the integrity of your home and potentially lowering insurance premiums. Additionally, they provide peace of mind, allowing you to prepare your property in advance of a storm and mitigate the stress associated with hurricane season. Don't wait; protect your home with hurricane shutters today.

Absolutely, we work closely with commercial clients to meet their specific needs. At Horizon Improvements, Inc, we understand that the requirements of commercial projects can be unique, ranging from office renovations to retail space enhancements. Our dedicated team has the expertise and experience to handle various commercial projects, ensuring that they are completed efficiently and within budget. We prioritize open communication and collaboration with our commercial clients to ensure that the final result aligns with their vision and business objectives. Whether it's a small-scale renovation or a large commercial construction project, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our commercial clients.

Certainly, determining when you need a window replacement is crucial for maintaining your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Several signs indicate it's time for replacement. If you notice drafts, increasing energy bills, or difficulty opening and closing windows, these are clear indicators. Additionally, visible damage like cracked glass, rotting frames, or condensation between the panes is a clear signal. Outdated windows that don't meet modern energy efficiency standards should also be considered for replacement to improve insulation and reduce heating and cooling costs. If you encounter any of these issues, it's a good time to consider a window replacement to enhance your home's functionality and energy efficiency.

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